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Price Range For A Hedgehog

Price Range For A Hedgehog. We have 2 baby male african pygmy hedgehogs available born october male salt and pepper african pygmy hedgehog £259 setups, equipment and food available at extra cost available to view at the. It is highly advisable to get your pet hedgehog from a trusted breeder with a good track record.

Hedgehog Price Guide 4 Strategies For Minimizing Setup
Hedgehog Price Guide 4 Strategies For Minimizing Setup from roomforpets.com

How much is a hedgehog cage? Sonic the hedgehog ‪microsoft studios‬. Hedgehogs have bad eye sight and can fall off ledges and injure themselves.

The Average Cost To Buy A Hedgehog Can Run Between $100 To $300.

$1500 or so around here. Hedgehogs live between 4 and 6 years. Most breeders sell hedgehogs at anywhere from $100 to $300.

Your Initial Set Of Accessories, Such As A Water Bottle, Food Bowl, Bed, And Exercise Wheel Will Run You About $50 To $100.

Baby hedgehogs can cost anywhere between $ 80 to $ 160 depending on the location. How much is a hedgehog cage? But expect the pet hedgehog price to range a little higher, starting at $160 when bought from established breeding farms around the country.

Some Breeders Offer Hedgehog Starter Packages For Around $75 That Consist Of A Cage, Wheel, A Concealing Location, A Water Bottle, A Feed Bowl And Food, And Some Shavings.

The once i'm selling are called african pygmy hedgehogs and they are domestic animals. The average african pygmy hedgehog weights about 500g, fits in your hand. The average cost of a hedgehog is around $100;

Hedgehogs Have Bad Eye Sight And Can Fall Off Ledges And Injure Themselves.

The costs are similar in canada, where they can range from $100 to $250. They guaranteed a low risk of health issues. A cage will run you from about $50 up to $150 depending on how much you want to spend.

Prices Range From $275 To $500 Based On Several Factors Including Sex, Coloring And Markings, And Temperament.

The cost will depend on the age of the hedgehog, how friendly they are, and their coloring. Hedgehogs are a small, insectivorous mammal that can be found throughout the world. African pygmy hedgehog for sale,male 9 months old and comes with cage and accessorys and food apart from heat mat/lamp as he has always lived next to a radiator, still a little grumpy but calms down.

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