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Price Female Hedgehog

Price Female Hedgehog. Females are priced higher than males, but that is only because of the demand for females from breeders. If you are planning to pickup later, we will send an invoice for.

Josie Female Granite State Hedgehogs
Josie Female Granite State Hedgehogs from

2 female hedgehogs with supplies & ca. A grey hedgehog can cost anywhere from $180 to $250, while a cinnicot can cost anywhere from $180 to $250. If you do buy from a breeder, they may charge slightly extra because they will usually have a healthier selection of hedgehogs to choose from.

If You Are Planning To Pickup Later, We Will Send An Invoice For.

Females are priced higher than males, but that is only because of the demand for females from breeders. 11 week old female hedgehog for sale! Prices vary per location, where the hedgehog is purchased from, the age and gender of the animal and its coloration, markings and facial mask.

Indian Hedgehogs Are Not Sold As Pets.

The total amount can be seen in the title and is due at the time of pickup or 7 days before shipping. Lulabelle really loved meeting woody bear. Also have two male and one female available now that are 4 months old.

If You Opt To Buy The Cage From The Breeder, The Price From Top Notch Hedgehogs And Morning Star Hedgehogs Would Range From $75 To $200.

Prices may vary as well depending whether you purchase from a local pet store or directly from a. View a wide selection of hedgehogs and other great items on ksl classifieds. Like temperament, hygiene is largely dependent on the personality of the hedgehog.

If You Do Buy From A Breeder, They May Charge Slightly Extra Because They Will Usually Have A Healthier Selection Of Hedgehogs To Choose From.

She will be sold with tank that may need to be upgraded as well as food, bowls and a whe. Most hedgehogs will cost between $100 to $300 to buy. The breeder , for instance, sells different types of hedgehogs ranging anywhere from $150 to $200.

At Luxury Exotic Pets Store, You Can Buy A Female Hedgehog For $280.

Hedgehog prices are based on color, conformation, temperament and sex. An african pygmy can range anywhere from $50 to as much as $300. The $50 price listed for each hedgehog is a non refundable holding deposit only that means you will not get your deposit back if you change your mind.

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