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Hedgehogs As Pets

Keeping hedgehogs as pets may appear to be an odd hobby, but anyone who has spent any time with these animals knows what wonderful companions they make. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before bringing one of these animals into your house. As with any pet, you must make a commitment to ensure that your hedgehog has a comfortable and healthy existence.

Hedgehog For Sale In South Africa

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Hedgehogs are a small, insectivorous mammal that can be found throughout the world. The once I’m selling are called African Pygmy hedgehogs and they are domestic animals. You don’t need a permit for an African Pygmy hedgehog in Gauteng as they are classified as an exotic pet. The average African Pygmy Hedgehog weights about 500g, fits in your hand.

Hedgehogs for sale – December 2021


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Hedgehog for sale South Africa – December 2021


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If you are interested in buying a little baby hedgehog you can view pictures on my site and can also get in touch with me via my e mail address [email protected] and contact with little babies are not recommended as the mother could quite easily reject the little one’s after contact with strangers.Smell is their strongest sense and the mother is very sensitive to strange odours, this could …

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Southern African Hedgehog – Mammals – South Africa


Southern African Hedgehog (Atelerix frontalis) Appearance The hedgehog is characterised by the numerous sharp spines covering their backs that protect them against predators in the wild found in South Africa. Their total body length is 200 mm and they have short tails that are 20 mm in length. Hedgehogs are insectivores. Hedgehog Diet

Breeder’s Descriptions of Hedgehogs

When considering getting a pet hedgehog, it may seem similar to getting a purebred Siamese cat, as these animals come in a variety of colors, including the well-known salt and pepper pattern. When it comes to maintaining hedgehogs as pets, color isn’t necessarily the most important factor, but it might be crucial if you’re a breeder.

A snowflake hedgehog is what you want if you want a hedgehog that is fully or largely white but isn’t an albino. Some breeders refer to their hedgehogs as “snowflakes” only if their quills are completely white, while others refer to them as “snowflakes” if their quills are mostly white. Hedgehogs’ bellies and legs are usually white or gray in hue.

Hedgehogs with cinnamon quills have cream colored quills with brownish red streaks.

Champagne or apricot hedgehogs are two names for these hedgehogs. A fawn hedgehog is one that wears a mask on its face, as many hedgehogs do.

The mocha hedgehog’s quills are coffee or chocolate colored and cream in color, as you might imagine. A black mask is virtually usually worn by mocha hedgehogs.

The quills of a cream hedgehog are either off-white or ivory in color. The cream hedgehog’s eyes are darker than an albino’s pink eyes, but they still have more red in them than the eyes of most other varieties.

The animal you’re looking at is known as a smoke point or silver point hedgehog because it has a mask, dark legs, and quills that are halfway between white and pale gray.

Some hedgehogs defy classification based just on color, yet their quills have distinct patterns. These hedgehogs are adorable.

Pinto hedgehogs are a group of these hedgehogs that are occasionally grouped together.

Good Pets – and Those That Don’t

Not all hedgehogs make good pets. When you consider all of the hedgehogs that exist now, the vast majority of them would make dreadful pets. Hedgehogs are currently known to exist in 14 different species around the world. Three of these species are native to North Africa and the Middle East, and are known as desert species. None of them make suitable pets, and one in particular, the Ethiopian hedgehog (also known as the Egyptian hedgehog), is a pest. Three of the four long-eared species are found in China, while the fourth is found in the Middle East. These four hedgehog species feature long ears and lengthy legs for a hedgehog. None of the four would make good pets. The three European hedgehog species are all fairly large, reaching lengths of over a foot when fully mature. While the species found in Western Europe, Scandinavia, and the British Isles can grow tame, or at least appear to be at ease around humans, they are not always easy to manage and keep as pets.

This leaves the four African hedgehog species, three of which can be kept as pets. The African pygmy hedgehog, the fourth species, is an excellent pet. The African pygmy hedgehog, which is usually found in southern Africa, can be found all throughout the continent. Almost majority hedgehogs offered in pet stores or by breeders are African Pygmies, while a White-Bellied Hedgehog native to Central Africa is occasionally seen on the market.

Where to Keep Your Hedgehog

Although a pygmy hedgehog may fit in a shoebox, it would be inhumane to keep it as a home. Hedgehogs are natural hunters who like to scurry around and can be rather busy at times. A glass aquarium-style cage is one option to explore, though you should keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid an overheated hedgehog having a fatal stroke. It’s preferable to keep your pet cage in a room with good air circulation, but keep it away from drafts if possible. A wire mesh cage is preferable than glass, and while you won’t find one labeled as a hedgehog cage on the market, one labeled as a baby rabbit cage will suffice. Because no hedgehog is particularly excellent at climbing, a top may not be necessary, particularly in a glass enclosure. Cleaning a wire cage with a tray is simple, especially if the tray is removable. In any case, to protect fragile feet, the enclosure should have a solid floor.

Hedgehog Nutrition 101

Hedgehogs are carnivores, which means they eat other animals. They will consume vegetables, but if they are deprived of a meat-based diet, they will not be healthy for long. As an occasional treat, vegetables or fruits such a little piece of carrot, apple, or banana can be offered, but the portion size should be kept minimal. Cottage cheese is a food that some hedgehogs enjoy. In the wild, hedgehogs consume largely insects, so crickets or mealworms would be fine. They will, however, do well on a cat food-based diet, as they are not picky eaters, but they will occasionally reject vegetables. If for no other reason than to prevent tartar from growing on your cat’s teeth, dried cat food is the finest option.

Keeping Your Hedgehog Healthy

As is often the case with small animals, such as the pygmy hedgehog, symptoms of illness may not appear until it is almost too late to treat. If your hedgehog becomes really ill, finding a physician who knows what to treat can be difficult unless the veterinarian specialized in small animals or exotics. If you know someone like this, it could be a good idea to bring your pet in for an examination so the vet can get to know your pet and vice versa.

Two Hedgehogs are (Sometimes) Better Than One

Although some hedgehogs appear to appreciate having a playmate, a pet hedgehog does not require one. Hedgehogs are solitary creatures who bond with humans just as quickly, if not more easily, than they do with other hedgehogs. If you decide to keep more than one hedgehog, each one will require its own cage.

Hedgehogs Need Grooming Too

If you want to keep a hedgehog as a pet, you should be aware that these small critters require grooming just as much as a dog, if not more. ‘How do you groom a creature with sharp spines?’ might be the first question that comes to mind. For one thing, you socialize your pet so that it is accustomed to being handled, so you aren’t trying to groom something that has chosen to resemble a sea urchin.

Hedgehogs Can Be Highly Entertaining

Hedgehogs aren’t the brightest creatures on the planet, yet they can be trained to do specific tasks and have different personalities. That is to say, it can be entertaining to watch them have a good time. Hedgehogs who have been exercising on the floor have been known to climb up onto one of their owners’ shoes and wait to be taken up and returned to the cage. Hedgehogs appear to enjoy navigating through mazes. They do have terrible eyesight and will occasionally collide with things, but once they find a course that works for them, they will stick to it. They appear to like racing through tunnels as well.

When Owning a Hedge May Not Be Legal

Importing African hedgehogs into the United States is no longer permitted. There are plenty of them that have been domestically bred so there is no scarcity. However, the hedgehog is still classified as an exotic animal, which is a valid categorization. Some states prohibit individuals from owning hedgehogs, while others demand a permission if you wish to keep one as a pet.

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