Guinea Pigs For Sale Evansville In

Our website provides comprehensive guinea pigs for sale listings. There are many Guinea Pigs For Sale Evansville In from reputable breeders that you will find easily.

Guinea pigs

The guinea pig, a South American rodent of the Caviidae family with Peruvian origins, was domesticated circa 5000 BC. It arrived in Europe in the 17th century and quickly became a domestic animal. There are different types, including longhaired, hairless, and shorthaired, as well as a variety of colors.


The guinea pig is a little rodent that is social, happy, and even funny. The guinea pig is a small but sturdy animal that weighs between 700 and 1200 grams (males weigh more). It has more or less lengthy fur in a variety of colors. The legs and neck are both short. The average length is between 20 and 40 cm. It is a herbivorous species that lives for approximately 5-8 years. He suffers from loneliness in particular.

Guinea Pigs For Sale Evansville In

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Small & Furry Animals for Sale in Evansville, IN | Pets on …

Evansville, IN. Adopt Harry a Guinea Pig small animal in Evansville, IN (33197398) Tools. 1 week ago on

evansville for sale “female guinea pig” – craigslist

evansville for sale “female guinea pig” – craigslist

guinea pigs Pets and Animals For Sale – Indiana

54 Pets and Animals. Cities. 29 Sellersburg guinea pigs. 23 Indianapolis guinea pigs. 12 Long Beach guinea pigs. 11 South Bend guinea pigs. 6 Fort Wayne guinea pigs. 4 …

evansville for sale “pigs” – craigslist

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evansville for sale “female guinea pig” – craigslist

evansville for sale “female guinea pig” – craigslist

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Skinny pigs still have a little bit of fuzz on their noses and feet while Baldwins are completely hairless and the rarest of all Guinea Pigs. I concentrate on improving both breeds by breeding back to pure bred, pedigreed, American Guinea Pigs. It improves their immune systems while creating a large breed of hairless Guinea Pigs.

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Guinea Pig Finder gives you simple and amazing tools to help you promote guinea pigs for adoption. Whether it’s for your own guinea pig, or you want to participate in our new (coming soon!) tools for helping to promote your favorite rescue (or all guinea pigs in your area or worldwide!), we provide multiple ways to help and to share.

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How To Keep A Guinea Pig In The House?

Taking care of a guinea pig is not an easy task. Because these rodents generate a lot of waste, it is critical to keep their habitat clean at all times, even with natural detergents based on water and vinegar. Furthermore, because they are fearful and suspicious, they do not always appreciate cuddling and hugs, and it is right to respect their requirements, despite our wishes.

Another crucial consideration is the care of the nails, which grow fast and must be cut on a regular schedule. It is not advisable to do it yourself; instead, consult a trained veterinarian. Another factor that should not be overlooked is their need for frequent company, as they are prone to loneliness. To solve the difficulty, it is preferable to use two instead of one.

Be cautious of cages that are too small; instead, look for models that are the right size, with igloos, doors, and play spaces. The cage provides a safe haven for the guinea pig, but it is also necessary to let it out during the day for at least a few hours. Remember to change the litter box on a regular basis.

What The Guinea Pig Eats

Fresh vegetables, fruit high in vitamin C, which they lack, fresh hay, and high-quality guinea pig pellets are the best foods for guinea pigs.

However, with fruit, be careful not to overdo it, although with vegetables, from broccoli to peppers, radicchio to salad, you may also overdo it. 100-150 gr of food every day should be enough.

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